Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fried Dong Fen 炒冬粉 @ HaiYan

Managed to find another Fried Dong Fen in the area last weekend. This new restaurant/kopitiam look-alike shop called 'HaiYan'.

(Ingredient) Fried with bean sprouts, fried-fish slices, onion, and eggs.

Compare to Cheng Kee's fried Dong Fen, it's 'drier' not so juicy. The color of the Dong Fen's darker.

Restaurant Fish Village

Have no idea what's this restaurant called (something like fishermen village blah blah). The ppl here named the owner, 蒙古 (Mongolia). So let's call this restaurant as Mongolia for now. As you can see from the above picture, it's a nice and quiet place. The coast is about 20 meters away and it's next to a small stream. (Updated its name - 03/01/2010)

Fyi, I went there once and had some food there but didnt manage to capture it because was busy at that moment. Will get into detail what this restaurant have when time comes.

Specialties : SeaFood.

Business Hour : tbc

GPS Location:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fried Dong Fen 炒冬粉 @ Cheng Kee

The combination of Color, smell, taste...

(Ingredient) Fried with mushroom, shrimp, boneless chicken (slices), onion, garlic,carrot, chili, green vege and eggs.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lover Bridge Restaurant (LBR)

Yes! The Old Legend, The 1st Gen Owner (Ah Liang) of Lover Bridge Restaurant's BACK in Action...

Specialties : SeaFood.

Wait a minute! Today we are not gonna talk about the seafood here. I feel a bit dull talking about seafood now. Let's talk about "The Hokkien Fried MeeHoon (HFMH)" (Today's special??)

Tasting food's very subjective depending on what you prefer, if you know what i mean. To me, this HFMH tastes good. I'm very happy with it cause it's very smooth due to the MH adsorbs whatever beside it in a tremendous period of time. I'm not quite sure why but that's what make it taste good. However, my girl has a different opinion about it. She said, 'It's normal.' All in all, my advice, Finish it ASAP!

After the meal...

To bad... recently i'm quite worry about my tummy,my digestion.... for today, we have only this HFMH...but it's good enough for me. Use your imagination, HFMH with crabs? yumyum~ :)

Seafood with sea breezes facing the Straits of Malacca...

New renovated dining hall...

Business Hour :

GPS Location:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Coffee with cream vs Plain Coffee

People around me, who know me well, know that i love plain coffee (no sugar, no cream). I, myself, know it well. I love plain coffee! Just coffee.

This update's supposed to be long... Very long on the plain coffee...however, after three days of writing it. I decided to erase all and... Just give you a summary of all as below.

1. At Kian Heng, if you wanna drink coffee, never order plain coffee. It's very sour because of the coffee powder they are using. If you insist, get ready to go to toilet in 10 or 20 mins. Do let me know if i'm wrong. I said this based on my experiences. Yes, everytime i drink plain coffee here... I will go for a big john.

2. Drink plain coffee somewhere such as Shing Moh or Tong Lee. For Bee lee, it's depending on boss' mood. Yes, she makes nice plain coffee but sometimes she just doesnt care what she's making.

3. Kian Heng's not using the same coffee powder as Shing Moh nor Tong Lee. For me, Shing Moh coffee powder's the best for plain coffee. Next will be Tong Lee. Why? Firstly, you will not rush to the toilet for sure. Secondly, you will feel its bitterness and not sour at first. Finally, you will taste its sweetness at the end with a sip of plain water.

4. If i remember correctly and provided the situation stay the same like 20 years ago. In this area, there are two places supply coffee beans to them. One's from the east and one's from the northwest. The coffee beans from the east are mostly sour; the one from the northwest are less sour.

5. So what to have at Kian Heng? Coffee with cream and tea with cream of course. After all, for those who love sour plain coffee... Kian Heng will be.. Of course.

Ok now. Go try the plain coffee and your comments are appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Corner

Few months back, we wanted to work on this food stall but then, didnt get the chance to do so. Yesterday, was fetched by my friend to this stall, My Corner, it's the name of it. Bear in mind that they're serving non-halal food.

- satay (non halal)
- otak-otak
- yong tau fu
- fried chicken
- porkU...

PorkU... nice one..

Mixed-rice with dishes... varieties...

Yong Tau Fu...

Anyway, their best: Fried Chicken. Didnt get the chance to take the photo since they didnt prepare on Tuesday due to the Pasar Malam.

Business Hour : 6pm to midnight. Tuesday Off (Mostly).

GPS Position :

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some kind of squid...

Try this 'Squid'... and it tastes good! Just be specific with the restaurant owner that you need something other than 'sotong' (cuttlefish?) and of course, steam-fried it.

Anyway, it's rarely offer in the restaurant by default and has limited stock (seasonal).

It's the kind of seafood that the fishermen reserved for their family or friends.

I always have this at Cheng Kee or New Haiven Seafood restaurant or Bites Corner

My girl's Dad claimed that, it's lower cholesterol than the normal 'cuttlefish' (Well, i'm not sure about it). It goes nicely with beers...

Fish balls

Let's do something different today.
Let's not talk about the food stalls here.
Let's talk about fish balls.

Have you ever tried the fish balls in Tanjung Sepat?
What do you think of them in term of taste?
Good? Normal? So So?

Do you know that, there're many kind of Fish balls in the area?
Have you ever tested the Traditional 100% Dorab(wolf herring) Fish balls?
I believe most of your answer will be a 'Nay'.

The Dorab fish balls are really hard to get (limited stock) nowadays in Tanjung Sepat and of course, more expensive. The taste're 100+1% different from the ordinary fish balls.

Well, a teaser... get your own dorab fish balls and you will know what i am talking about... words wouldnt tell you why... Taste them! Beware!!! These fish balls will 'swim' in your throat. Dont CHOKE yourself.

The best place you can get the info -> local kopitiam!!!! Of course, I recommend Shing Moh Kopitiam as usual. :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Standing Eggs

Believe it or not? Dont believe it? I'll quote : Miracles only happen to those who believe in them.

Believe it hard enough; Try it; ...

Try it now and try it again on 4th Feb 2010.

The Jetty of Lovers @ Tanjung Sepat

Let's look at it in a different angle...

Fireworks @ Tanjung Sepat - 2007

Another for 2007...

Fireworks @ Tanjung Sepat - 2008

Manage to find this clip... CNY 2008...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bought by the tourists

Last weekend (19,20,21 Sept), it's not exaggerating to say that, all the 'famous' food & goods were bought by tourists. There're 'traffic jam' along Jalan besar/pasar and Jalan tiga/tepi laut.

Restaurants which normally're empty became full house before 1715hrs. Restaurant Baywatch, ocen, Fong Seng, Ban Lu Heng etc.. Full house! Full house! Full house!!!!

Want fish balls? Out of stock! Bao? Out of stock! Seafood? Out of stock! Fishes? Out of stock!

Impacts to the local...
1. The locals were suffered with the sudden surged of prices.
2. Out of stocks
3. LoL by those local businessmen/ladies - of course, they hope you will come back next time.
4. No parking spots.
5. Main entrance was blocked due to item 4.
6. Traffic Jam
7. No cheap seafood for the locals.

After all, how come i dont feel i'm at least one more ringgit richer? :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tanjung Sepat Tiny Photo Links (TSTPL)

Let's start the Compilation of photo gallery about Tanjung Sepat...

If you have any images of Tanjung Sepat which you would like to link.

Feel free to leave them in the comment....

Happy Food Corner

Went to an unnamed food stall located at Lorong 6, Jalan Dua.

Shark house i will call it... wanna know why? Read more... :)

Specialties :

Fried Flat Noodles;

Fried Dasheen

A picture hang at the wall shown A Shark found dead in the area long time ago... That's why 'Shark House'

GPS Location:

Do leave comments if you have more information about it.
26 Aug 2010: finally found its name : happy.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


We've lost a young man who swam in the area closed to the lovers' jetty yesterday. This incident's avoidable with the information provided as below:

Every before/after 3 days of the 1st day of lunar month (初一) and every before/after 3 days of the 15th day of lunar month (十五), are the high tide period along the coast of Tanjung Sepat. In additional to that, the changes of the tide happens in a very short period.

During this period, would recommend not to swim in this area and be alert whenever you are there...

May you R.I.P young man~

The cruelest... the nature is...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Additional info

Since this site is not updated as frequent as it's supposed to be, there're some other links in the internet which provide news/events on Tanjung Sepat. One could be the website : http://tanjong-sepat.blogspot.com. We're also on facebook group - Tanjung Sepat.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some ideas for photo shooting @ Tanjung Sepat

1. High tide @ the jetty (same level as the jetty) on day 18th of 3rd month, sixth month, nineth month. (Chinese lunar calendar)

2. Sunset & Sunrise during early and end of the year. During this period, sun rises at south-east and sets at south-west.

3. Forth generation kopitiam - Many antiques here.

4. Coffee bean cooking.

5. Chinese Temples - Many of them.

6. Mushroom factory

7. Stars shooting @ the jetty at night of course.

8. Old Architectures

Checklist for visiting Tanjung Sepat

This served as a checklist when visiting Tanjung Sepat :

1. If you are driving here, SLOW DOWN. Make way to pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists.

2. STOP whenever you exit from the alley (lorong).

3. Be considerated! Dont block the traffic. Park your vehicles wisely. Especially, in the residential area.

4. Make the area clean and neat.

5. Greet us anytime you want to. We are very friendly.

6. Beware of the inconsiderate motorcyclists when crossing the road, sometimes they are rushing and dont know why. :)

7. Bus drivers, would suggest you switch off your engine if you gonna stop at a location for long. To reduce noise and pollution!

8. Enjoy your stay... :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Going Mobile - Snap and Publish

To enable Portability and Flexibility on posting more information about Tanjung Sepat, we're starting to publish new posting using the mobile phones/email...

Snap and publish @ Tanjung Sepat area enabled! Stay tuned~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NamLai - Yong Tau Fu

NamLai been here for quite some time. Don't think any visitors will notice about it.

Specialties : Spring roll, Home Made Yong Tau Fu, noodles

Business Hour : 10am-5pm. Off Monday.
Serving : brunch, lunch.

Sorry, didnt capture any food picture... We were hungry and finished all the food before we have a chance to take snapshots.

GPS Location :

If you have any queries, dont hesitate to leave a comment... :)

Gaolao Food Stall

Gaolao Food Stall, when asked what's the name of his stall? The owner here got hesitated to answer, he smiled and shake his head. I told him, since most of the bosses here are tall, i named it 'Gaolao' (Tall men).

Specialties : Fried noodles, Yong Tau Fu and some 'Pao'.

Personally, my girl friend and I prefer the Yong Tau Fu here...

Business Hour : 6am - 5pm. Open everyday.
Serving : breakfast, lunch, Tea time.

GPS Location :

If you have any queries, dont hesitate to leave a comment... :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ah Mei Flat Noodle

Ah Mei Flat noodle located at Lorong 5, Jalan Dua, Tanjung Sepat.

Specialties : Flat noodle yo...

Due to its popularity, sometimes it takes time to get what you want..

We tried it with seafood. Fresh seafood~

Business hour : 1030-430pm, 6pm-midnight (bak kut teh)
Serving : Lunch, dinner.

Address : Lorong 5, Jalan Dua

GPS Location:

If you have any queries, dont hesitate to leave a comment... :)

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